aesthetic perspective

project for Firstsite Colchester

My Mau Mau  or Our land is your land (working titles) moves into a crossover area being projected from several directions: music-theatre, installation, performance, poesie-concrete. (see recent discussions at tk D&D)

The text uses non-naturalistic techniques drawn from opera & the theatre of the absurd combined with a certain creolisation of english language sources.

Some pointers towards performance:

...the idea of a play made directly in terms of the stage, encountering obstacles of both production and performance, compels the discovery of an active language, active and anarchic, a language in which the customary limits of feelings and words are transcended…    Antonin Artaud - Metaphysics and the mis en scene - 1931

Installation will be divided into the playing space and the representation space.

The playing space will be divided (depending total area) into at least three sub-spaces. Each sub-space will correspond to a sequence of the text and will be furnished appropriately. 

There will be a team of performers and videoastes for each sub-spaces. As back-up each sub-space will be under the eye of a fixed camera.

The process will start (day one) with each sub-space sequence being performed and filmed concurrently. This process will then be refined on the subsequent days according to discovery.

The representation space will include image banks, editing and projection equipment. Material from the playing space will be looped, cut, inserted at will.

Intermittent choral musical material will be sourced locally.

There will be three pre-mix screens: one carrying archive collage, one carrying provisional assembly of playing space material and one carrying material from a separate Colchester location.

After minimum five days iteration there will be a mix down onto single screen which will show as separate screenings.

Principal players and as many others as possible will be masked, including at their desire, members of the public. Principal players masks will be simple printed on cardboard discs on sticks which will flip as political demonstration type slogans.

With the massification of image capture we are getting used to broken, degraded images (learning ways to see them) and turning away from the false verity of the clean & the perfect, associated with the persuaders. We are getting used to sifting thru rubble to see if there is anything alive.

So we should have the freedom to make performance theatre animated from the base layers of the brain. To show something of the tumbling panic, the urgency of people in trouble rather than conventional character development.

To show that one of the reasons soldiers, of all kinds, don’t speak is that they have seen things that spit right back at the idea of human dignity.